The CAP (Child Assault Prevention) Program is one of the most acknowledged and one of the best world programs in primary prevention of child abuse. It is considered one of the world’s most comprehensive and most innovative prevention programs.
The CAP seeks to integrate the best resources of a community in an effort to reduce a child’s or a young person’s vulnerability to verbal, physical and sexual assault.


The project „A mom is a mom“ was developed in 2005 with the aim of preventing risky behaviors of young people and providing psychological and social help and support for adolescent mothers, pregnant girls and their families. Pregnancy and birth have an immense impact on the lives of adolescent girls. They are faced with numerous problems; family’s rejection, terminating education, partner’s abandonment, difficulties in adjustment and acceptance of their new role as a mother.


Aim of the project “Together for success” was integration of our Roma neighbors into the local community through active involvement and participation of local government, educational institutions and community members organized through following activities: Establishment of a women’ support group which includes Roma and non-Roma women; Direct support for Roma children education through working with parents and by offering pre-school and after-school support programs; and Developing basic hygiene habits and social skills of Roma children.